Here’s my story of how I used nutrition for bodybuilding and a unique workout system to pile on muscle in a safe and rapid way.

My name is Tom and I guess I was never a skinny kid but certainly not a well built kid either. Deep down I have always wanted to be bigger and over the years I tried many different things from high carb diets, spot training routines, training several times a day, all to bulk up and build muscle.

You know what? Very little actually worked.

Sure I piled on pounds but not much of it was actually muscle. I couldn’t get the balance right of how much to eat versus how often and how hard to train. Everything I tried just seemed to have the same result.

More weight but no extra muscle. To say I was frustrated was an understatement!

One day I decided to have a look online at what other guys were doing and came across a video with a guy called Vince Del Monte. What I took from this video genuinely changed my methods and mindset. I started doing things differently and more importantly, they started working.

I could feel the results and it didn’t take long before you could actually see the results too. Now I won’t lie, some of things he suggests really does make you think “There’s no way that will work” but once you try it, you’ll see why.

The video shows how some guys who followed his training have gained up to 41 pounds in six months. Not just pounds of fat but pounds of muscle. That’s the difference.

Anyway, I hope you start getting the same results as me because I’m so happy with my results and I’m sure you will be too.